Cow Barn & Yard

The conversion of the barn at Ffos Yr Ewig into suitable winter accomodation for my small herd of British White was a relatively simple job in comparion to the construction of the cow yard. The main priority with the cow barn was to get a concrete floor layed with a good gradient running down to the left front corner to allow excess liquid to drain off. A small amount of hardcore (scalpings) was spread on the compacted base to build up the necessary gradient, then the shuttering set up ready for the ready mix concrete lorry. Two post sleeves were cemented in so to accept hanging posts so the option of gates could be added.

Open barn 'before'

The construction of the cow yard was a little more involved needing a 3′ deep trench being dug around the edge so the post sleeves could be set in place with reinforcing rods linking them together before the whole trench was filled with concrete. The post were then inserted into these sleeves & the cattle hurdles attached. Getting the crush in place (with no tractor with a front loader) was a tough job but slotted in becoming part of the fence line. The whole area within the yard was then concreted over.

The cow yard 'before'

Barn - nice and clean before the cows come in!

Cow yard finished

Cows in barn