Pig & Poultry Courses

The pig & poultry course at Ffos Yr Ewig combines the two most popular animals kept on smallholdings . Pigs are very intelligent, inquisitive gregarious animals that have strong natural instinct to rout up the soil to find their food. If they are kept in their natural environment they will lead an enjoyable life & ultimately reward you with delicious pork, superb crackling, bacon, gammon & sausages.

Tamworth routing in the snow

Poultry covers a wide range of birds from your average farm yard chicken, to specialist meat birds, turkeys, ducks & geese, guinea fowl & quail. The initial set up cost of keeping poultry is significantly less than other livestock but the rewards can be as great.

Free range chicken

The course is a mixture of short theory sessions accompanied by a powerpoint presentation (comprehensive course notes are provided either as a printout or can be emailed) After these sessions there is practical ‘hands on’ time with the pigs & poultry  helping you to build up confidence working with them.

This course combines two of the most popular animals kept on smallholdings.

Course Details will cover – Pigs

  • Selection of breeds.
  • Feeding, housing and fencing.
  • General healthcare, worming, ‘weighing’ a pig, taking a pigs temperature & injections.
  • Pig handling & loading.
  • Breeding – A.I versus Boars.
  • Farrowing.
  • Organic Status/Worming/Land Rotation.
  • Slaughter/Butchery/Meat Sales.

Course Details will cover – Poultry.

  • Selection of breeds suitable of garden/paddock/free range
  • Secure Housing & Runs
  • Predator Control (foxes & rats), use of electric fences
  • Feeding & special requirements (oyster shell supplements, dust baths)
  • Mites/Lice/Worms/Avian Bird Flu
  • Breeding/Incubators/Broody Hens
  • Layers versus Meat Birds
  • Ways to control your dog around poultry

Courses start at 9am until 5pm and include a cooked lunch, tea & coffee are available throughout the day. If you want a momento you can buy a specially printed T-shirt or mug to remember your day. Having sampling rare breed pork for lunch you can also purchase joints, chops, sausages & bacon.