Hog Roast Hire

Rare breed pork is very different from mass produced, intensively farmed pork. The pigs are allowed to develop at a natural pace,  outdoors, eating a natural & varied diet and getting plenty of exercise. This has the result of producing succulent, tender & tasty pork.  Not only does the meat taste fantastic but the crackling on the joints is something to be believed, scored to produce that crisp tantalising taste.  All the sausages are made traditionally using meat from the shoulder & belly and a selection of herbs/spices/rusk. The meat content is 85-90% in all our sausages.  The bacon is home cured, either unsmoked, sweetcure or smoked and doesn’t produce those ‘white’ watery bits when cooked.




High quality pork is available all year round  as well as beef and lamb for our newly purchased hog roast machine. Enquiries for Hog Roast hire contact Clifford Dewing at clifforddewing@btinternet.com or phone Cliff on 01558 669198