Advanced Pig Course

The advanced pig course is designed for those who have a little more experience with pigs, who may have kept pigs in the past or currently have pigs. If you have been on the pig course this is an ideal course to follow on and increase your knowledge.

The advanced pig course looks at four areas :

1. Pig Nutrition & Feed – with the recent rise in wheat cost due to the Russian ‘failed’ wheat harvest animal feed is due to rise. This course will help you to look at alternative feeds that are considerably cheaper (eg sprouting barley, fodder beet, apple pulp, brewers grains, silage, whey) and blend this into a balanced diet for your pigs. It is important to be able to body score your pigs, particularly just before service & farrowing to optimise litter sizes and reduce problems during farrowing.

2. Service & Farrowing – the course will run through detailed account of how to recognising ‘brimming’ or ‘hogging’ in gilts & sows to enable A.I. to be carried out (timing is everything).  Selection of  the appropriate boar, how to introduce them to your sow and how to maximise litter size, safe guard your pig during the stages of pregnancy through correct diet & environment. You will be  taught to recognise problems in farrowing and how to correct them (by physical ‘intervention’ if necessary) to ensure the well being of piglets & sow.

3. Injecting your pig & how to restrain a pig if necessary – in theory quite easy to do, in practise a little harder, learn useful techiques and build confidence injecting a pig. From time to time it is necessary to restrain a pig to carry out a medical procedure (ie de-tusking in boars) often this will be carried out by the vet but your knowledge as to the best way to restrain your pig will help considerably.

4. How to make the most from your pig and make money! – we’ve looked at reducing those feed bills now time to ‘process’ your pig to make maximium profit. You will be shown how produce top quality bacon, air dried hams, gammon joints & steaks, panchetta & chirozo & salami and the best places to sell your meat. Current legislation of food processing /selling will be covered plus the fundamentals of setting up your own ‘butchery’.