Thatch is back!

The arrival of Thatch (a British White Bull) was greeted enthusatically by my cows racing around the perimter of the field as we came down the lane (cows have a very good sense of smell – Thatch was 1/4 mile away and still in the trailer at this point) He eaglerly excited the trailer to meet his admiring ‘ladies’ admist much ‘nose curling’ and ‘sucking action’ not to dissimilar to Hannibal Lecter!

Being dedicated to his work, not only did he give the attention that was necessary to my cows but proceeded to breakout into the neighbouring farmers field not just once but on four occasions. Despite some areas being double stock fencing and over 10 feet of layered hawthorn hedging nothing stops a randy bull who has smelt a ‘bullying’ heifer in the next field. As a consequence Thatch and my cows had to be confined to ‘barracks’ back in the cow yard and the need to buy in addition silage for some of the time.

That’s the problem with bulls – but it does improve your fencing skills!!